Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One of Those Days

I was in a rush to get to work this morning. After caring for horses, I went straight from the barn into my car. Half way to work I'm still smelling that familiar barn bouquet when I realize I forgot to change my shoes! So here I am stuck at work all day in my muck shoes. I washed them off in the ladies room (cleaned the sink well afterward), but it is still like Misty and Marley are right here with me in all their pungent glory. Oh well, maybe folks will keep their distance from me and I'll have a peaceful day.

Some days I wonder why I even bother to wash my hair and put make-up on. If I don't arrive at the office with hay on my sweater, it's manure on my shoes.

Ever have those days?


  1. Is there really any other kind of day? Like you said maybe everyone will steer clear of you for today, it could be a plus. On the other hand they could like the smell of Eau de Manure.

  2. HAHAHA -
    I have done exactly the same!!!
    Pungent glory - that's it!
    I left a smell track all around me that day...
    (And GHM: Eau de Manure, LOL!)

  3. Too funny, thanks for the much needed grins! And yes I frequently have hay in my hair - haven't you heard, it's in fashion ;)

  4. Very funny! For me, it's the animal hair on everything - if it isn't horse hair it's dog or cat hair!

  5. This is insane. I just went to a carry-in lunch in--guess what? The grubby sneakers I wear out to the barn to toss out hay and release beasts outside for the day. Oh, damn. Oh, well. No one noticed, I hope.

  6. Very unusual coincidence - I drove to teach today in a nice sweater and coat and I still had on my barn boots (not wellies) AND jeans!!! I was talking to my husband before I left and I thought I had changed! I was only giving a test, but I had ridden Pie bareback and I still had his hair all over my butt! Do you think it was something in the air that made you and phaedra96 and me all do this on the same day? Very odd! I kept worrying that the kids in the front row could smell my boots. I only had to teach one class so it wasn't so bad!

  7. There must have been something in the air yesterday. That is funny that several of us had a similar experience. But like Grey Horse said, its an every day thing to some degree.

    As much as I love Misty & Marley, I was so glad to get home yesterday and rid myself of their "Eau de Manure". I prefer just their pictures at my office.

    Wishing everyone a sweet smelling day.

  8. ROFL! It's a nearly daily occurrence for me! We no longer have a janitorial crew who cleans the office...so ummm...all this mud we've been having? Yeah. It's piling up under my desk from my shoes. And it's becoming quite pungent.

    Hay in my hair and pockets? Regularly! No one even mentions it to me any more. :P

  9. A great way to meet new friends with same interests!

  10. I'm laughing my butt off... I have done that too. Back in the days when I worked at the barn where Grif lived, I would care for the horses before going into work each morning. More than once I forgot to change my shoes.

    Luckily, I worked at a vet clinic at the time, so they were pretty understanding -- but I did have one of the newer vets one time tell me that I stunk....Grrrrr (it was a small animal clinic and not everyone was used to the horsey smell I guess).

    I guess it's a sign that I am getting older, because I don't really care as much anymore when I go somewhere after the barn. I'll go to the grocery store or Wal-Mart with dirty hands and hay in my hair...and I just don't care anymore -- I used to be better about changing my clothes between places....Now- I'm like "who cares, it's not like I have a ton of time to be running home all the time."

    The lady that I board with has told me she's gone into Wal-Mart many times with dirty jeans and spurs on- (so at least I'm not the ONLY one ha-ha)

  11. Oh Jenn, yikes, maybe you should take a Dirt Devil into your office. I see by the comments, I'm in good company. 50+, ha, yes I should have thought of that when I was single and dating. Carol, same here, I don't care as much anymore about barn dust and hay on my clothes. It's a lifestyle choice.