Monday, November 23, 2009

Misty's Monday Muse

I'm going to tattle on Marley.

Marley gave My Lady quite a fright on Saturday when they were driving through the neighborhood. This was their first time out & about on open roads. They turned onto a street where a lot of horses live and suddenly things got lively! Curious horses on both sides of the street ran up to the road and pranced along the fence lines. Marley got VERY excited and started calling to his fans and then he wanted to run and show off. My Lady nearly fell out of the cart. Fortunately the Driving Pro was with her and he grabbed the reins and saved the day.

Cart driving can get a little dicey at times.


  1. I can see where driving a cart may get a little dicey at times. It's what keeps me from doing it. I'd love to try it, but I like to feel more in control by being in the saddle instead of the cart. Glad the Driving Pro was there to keep things from getting out of hand.

  2. Oh, that story does worry me!!!! Please be careful with Marley and the cart!!!!


  3. Glad the driving pro saved the day!

  4. Oh Marley -- one cannot be a galloping stud while harnessed!

  5. Hey Marley, never let a good opportunity pass!
    Did you see any good looking mares prancin' around there?
    A man's gotta show himself from his best side.
    Many neighs from your buddy

  6. *giggles* Marley you are naughty lil guy but I bet you looked incredibly handsome pulling your cart!

    Misty you shouldn't give Marley a hard time - you ARE a draft horse, and drafts make great wagon pullers!

  7. Oh, that naughty Marley!!! He is a tricky little fellow! Fortunately, he is cute as a button (and full of mutton as my mother likes to say about chubby Pie).

  8. GreyHorse, it is a lot of fun, but yes, no one-rein stop and a new skill set to learn. It's very enjoyable though. You just need to start with a solid driving professional at a driving school with a safe environment and seasoned horses to learn on. Then you'll be hooked.

    Hi Kathleen, you bet I'll be careful. I won't venture back to that road without the Driving Pro by my side. I will just drive around the house and on my own street while I build my skills.

    Kate, oh me too! He had not given me the ok to drive at home until he came with me because he said it would be completely than our lessons at his ranch. He has driven 6 horse hitches for many years so Marley's antics were nothing for him, but I'm not ready for that much excitement. But it was good to experience it with a Pro aboard. I will be posting about it.

    HorseOfCourse, Marley agrees and said there is a lot of side to show (still got that big tummy).

    eventer79, he thought he was a stud for a minute or two. And he's got a very low voice and sounds quite macho.

    JeniQ, Marley says thank you for the compliment. Misty agrees, she got so excited seeing him pull a cart that she ran circles in her paddock and fell down. I think she swooned.

    juliette, "cute as a button and full of mutton". I like that and it fits.

  9. Glad you had some help. That said, he will get past that with a few more wet harness pads and settle in like a trooper. We took old Rygga and then Spin to the Circus Parade in Peru. Other than Vicks in the nose for the SMELLS(lions, tigers, bears, elephants and camels, oh, my) they really did well. My daughter drove and I was outwalker. Took my Percheron mares, too, one year. They each had a foal tied beside. "oh, Mommy, look at the cute pony!!!!" I love driving. I do not love asphalt tankers up and down the road all hours of the day and night. Sigh.