Thursday, December 1, 2011

These Birds Aren't Angry

Not to be confused with Angry Birds, these birds are their lesser known cousins, the Chilly Birds.  Maybe if they had their own video game to star in, they'd have a reason to move around and warm up.  Poor things.  They didn't look very happy this morning when I snapped this picture from my kitchen window.

Birds Chillin' in the Pasture.
Today was cold and windy, but yesterday was sunny with temps in the mid-50sF and no wind.  A perfect day for a ride.  I couldn't pass it up, especially with today's snow storm in the forecast.  So I took a long lunch and ran home and rode Misty in circles around the house for 30 minutes.  I'm so glad I did that.  Chances to ride are rare this time of year. 

Colder temperatures are on the way.  I was planning to take Misty to a clinic this coming Saturday, but the clinician has rescheduled.  Our high on Saturday may not even make it to 20F.  Even an indoor arena won't compensate for temps that low and students don't learn well when they are shivering.  It's too bad we have to reschedule, but I'm relieved.  I really don't like being that cold.

I'm trying to seize any chance to ride in an indoor arena this winter.  A few weeks ago I summoned my inner cowgirl and took Misty to cattle sorting practice, just so I could pay to ride in the indoor arena where the event was held.  It was great to simply ride around in the arena with other horses and riders, but we actually did get to take a couple shots at sorting.  This was only our 2nd time in the presence of cattle.  My first sorting  attempt, I couldn't get the assigned cow separated at all. After 60 seconds, I deferred to my partner who didn't have any luck either.  It was like the heifer was attached to her herd mates with Velcro.  The 2nd time my partner and I each sorted 3 of the 7 and got those 6 in the other pen within the 2 minute time period.  I'm not interested in speed or whether we are successful at sorting.  Misty's not built like a quick-on-her-feet cow pony.  I just wanted to spend time with my mare and get some exposure and experience with cattle.

I was very pleased with Misty. During one of the cattle changes, I was expecting the cows to come down the center of the arena and out the door to their holding pens.  I placed Misty in one of the corners of the arena near the exit, facing the center of the arena so we could see the cows coming.  They decided to drive them down the side of the arena this time and it startled me when suddenly 7 cows went running right around Misty's butt.  But Misty didn't even flinch.  She continues to amaze me at how she has matured and gained confidence this year.  I love my mare.


  1. Misty is a great mare, if that many cows were circling my herds butt they'd be long gone. Good for you for getting out and riding Misty whenever you can in this weather.

    Poor little birds. By the way I'm addicted to the Angry Birds game. So much fun.

  2. What a good girl your Misty is!

    This weather is crazy. I think it's so stressful on the horses when it goes from warm to cold so quickly. Is it June yet?

  3. that sounds like so much fun and Misty is very brave!!

  4. Those birds do look chilly, brr. It's great that your taking advantage of winter riding! It's not easy, I know all too well. How fun that your sorting cattle, and I agree it's not about the sorting time - it's about the quality time. So happy for you & Misty!!

  5. Hooray for you and Misty! I thought about riding yesterday, but it was really slippery.
    Your birds do look cold!

  6. Misty is great! Letting those fast cows get so close to her and not losing her composure- very impressive!! Your adventures with cow sorting sound like fun, and a creative way to get to ride in an indoor arena! Good for you!!

  7. Yay for Misty! Sorting sounds like so much fun and something I'd like to try with Apache. Good for you getting out to ride, even if only around the house a few times. I should take your lead and do the same. But it will be a while. You're worried about 20F temps while the next two days, we'll be lucky to get above 2 F degrees!



  8. Misty is the very best. I love stories about her and her kind ways.

    Also great is you leaving work for a long lunch and circling around your house for a ride. I say, ride where and when you can and there are days because of the weather and footing conditions when I get stuck riding in circles "nowhere" but I know I feel better than if I didn't ride and my horse likes it too. Hooray for you for riding. I hope your temperatures warm up a little so you can enjoy your Misty. She is the best!