Monday, March 26, 2012

Misty's Monday Muse - Diet Riot

It's me, Misty, and I wrote a poem for Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus #99.
This week's word count is exactly 100, including the five word prompt. The prompt is:  I'm living the dream, man.

I hope you like my poem.  It is based on a true story; my story, past and present.

Diet Riot

I was born in North Dakota,
on a strange kind of ranch*.
Auctioned as a weanling,
so I might have a chance.

No longer a little filly,
the buyer didn’t keep me.
Relinquished to a horse rescue,
forever family yet to be.

Adopted by My Lady,
she is my biggest fan.
She feeds me and she loves me.
I’m living the dream, man.

Feeds me, she does;
a little too much.
No longer are my ribs,
lightly felt with a touch.

The vet said I’m fat.
She prescribed me a diet.
Less hay in my belly,
I’m ready to riot!

It's true, I'm fat.  I'm on a diet and I don't like it.  But I'm going to fat horse camp where I will get daily exercise, and that will help.

* I was born on a PMU ranch.  (PMU stands for pregnant mare urine.)   Estrogen from the urine of pregnant mares is used to make hormone replacement drugs for women, such as Premarine and Prempro.  My mom was one of those mares.   Foals are the by-product of the process.  Lucky ones like me find good homes.  Some aren't so lucky.  You can read more about it at The Animali Farm.

Diet is a four letter word,
 (It's no coincidence that the M in my signature looks just like my butt. )

Jenny Matlock 


  1. Glad you found a good home! I think there was something on the news about those special ranches the other day.

    Shy is on a diet, too. She is a chubby pony!

  2. Misty, you may have started as a 'by-product', but you have grown a big world! You might be living the dream, but you do a good job of sharing the dream!

    Have fun at the fat farm.

  3. Hahaha! What a cute poem! I guess I always thought that horses got lots of exercise and never needed to go on a diet. Thanks for setting us straight!

  4. I love the poem. I like horses a lot and am very glad that Misty was rescued. She has a wonderful home now!

    I rode our horse, Minnie, a white with tiny dark gray spots pony of mixed breed I believe, to my first two years of high school. But now I haven't ridden a horse since the late 80's when we went to Colorado for a close family reunion.

    Again, your poem is wonderful and Misty is great. I hope she can get back into shape without too much trouble.

  5. Love the poem Misty. You're one talented gal and I'm so glad you were rescued by your Lady. Diet IS a four letter word. Just ask Dusty, she's wearing a grazing muzzle now. You look marvelous but you'll look even better with a few pounds off...wouldn't we all!

  6. Allison, easy to pack on the pounds during winter, isn't it. Horse are lucky that they don't have to diet long to get back to their ideal weight.

    A beautiful thought Anna. Thank you.

    Thanks Judie. Tee Hee, we've all gained some winter weight here..animals and humans alike. None of us get enough exercise in the Colorado winters.

  7. Thanks Jim! What wonderful memories you have of your pony, Minnie. Grays are my favorite and Minnie sounds very pretty. Misty will soon be in great shape for hitting the trails this spring and summer. She's still getting plenty to eat, but like the rest of us, we get a little cranky until we get used to small portions. She gets breakfast and an afternoon hay snack and dinner. Just smaller portions. Then when she's got her figure back, she'll get more hay as her activity increases.

    From Misty to Grey Horse...thanks, glad you liked my poem. Maybe Dusty and I should be diet buddies and give each other support. I have to wear a grazing muzzle sometimes too. It's tough being an "easy keeper". I'm so jealous of those lean breed horses who can eat all they want and never get fat. It's just not fair.

  8. I didn't know about those special ranches! It's amazing what we can learn by visiting blogs :)

  9. Doc here, sorry to hear you are on a diet. I fear that I will be on one soon, too. My Mrs. Owner said I had a muffin top - whatever that is!
    Nice poem!

  10. Cute little poem, and so glad it is another way to let people know about the horrors of PMU ranchs. Glad Misty found a wonderful home.

  11. Great little poem but also very interesting post. I definitely learned something new today. Glad that misty found a loving home.

  12. Misty, you are too cute! Two of my horses have had to cut back on the groceries too. Sorry, girl.

  13. Jacqueline, thanks. MiracleMom, fortunately those ranches are decreasing in number, but it is still a sad thing for the horses.

    Doc, a muffin top? Is it a carrot muffin?

    Sage, thanks, I've often wished I could give Misty's mom a home too.

    anitamombanita, that's fun user name. Thanks.

    Thanks Terry. I'm trying to cut back too. Spring dieting seems to be popular now.

  14. Misty, What a cute poem you wrote!! (That must have used up some calories, right??) I'm sorry you have to diet, but we humans feel the same way about diets (we hate them!). I hope your diet doesn't last very long!! And keep writing!

  15. Awww...Misty, I know what it's like to be on a diet! It's NO FUN! But worth it all in the end when you feel and look better.

  16. I'm still giggling over the comment on your letter "M".

    Diets are four letter words. I'm sorry you're on one, too.

    I'd sneak ya a carrot if I could!

    Really cute use of the prompt this week. Love your creativity.