Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop 15 - Countdown

This week Dreaming prompts us to answer questions related to counting down.  We can answer one question or all three.  I'm going to answer question #1.

1. Tell us about something you experienced which began with a countdown.

 This is my season for trail riding.  I've been looking forward to riding the trails with Misty for many years and this year we are finally clicking.

I find myself counting down the days (or hours, as is the case today) until our next trail ride.

Yesterday we returned to the park we rode on Memorial day and explored more of the area.  We had a lovely ride.  Misty is maturing, gaining confidence, and becoming a wonderful trail horse.  I'm pleased that she is comfortable in the lead, in the middle, or bringing up the rear when we ride in a group.  However, she has a big stride and is a forward mover, so it can be a little challenging to get her to take baby steps when we are following a slower horse. 

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's ride as we followed our friends.  I notice that Misty often has her ears tuned to me when we ride.  I think we are becoming a good team.

My question for you:

Do you trail ride?  If so, what do you always carry with you on a trail ride?


  1. I'm so glad you joined the hop. I loved your pictures from the trail. What fun!

    I laughed at your question because I feel it is important to always carry some things... and I'd always forget something!
    Most important to me would be a knife or a multi-tool. Cell phone is critical, too. (How'd we manage without one when we were younger?!)
    I bought a slicker, but rarely remembered to tie it on the saddle. I never got caught in the rain, though, so I lucked out.
    I also liked to have water for me. But, alas, I'd usually forget my horn saddle bag that let me carry it. The last time I crammed a bottle in my back pocket. I made Pippin startle when it plopped out of my pocket onto his rump!

  2. I'm so glad you are counting the hours to riding the trails with Misty! That's wonderful!

  3. Trail riding is my goal! Not sure that we will get there this summer, so hopefully next summer.
    We both need to work on our skills and confidence.

    Loved the photos!

  4. Counting the hours to ride - that makes my heart sing. I am sure Misty is counting the hours too. She and you are finding your way and what a fun adventure it has turned out to be. She is the best horse and I am so happy for you and your trail rides! What a great chapter in your time together. I love it! Great photos too!

  5. Trail riding is all I do with Estes. I have a fanny pack with a first aid kit and water for when we go bareback and a stocked horn bag for when I'm leading out rides. My horn bag has more "stuff" in it - toilet paper for the guests, a map, bailing twine to fix stuff with, a first aid kit, water. You know, the basics. But no cell phone - they don't work where we ride.

    I'm so glad that you and Misty are getting out on the trails - your pictures are great.

  6. Oh...and a multi-tool like Dreaming said. They're handy for so many things.

  7. great when you become one with your horse.