Friday, June 15, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop 17 - Trucking

Dreaming is trucking this week, with questions pertaining to truckin' and trailerin' our horses.  Answer one question or all three.

1. What is the ideal trailer for you.

One that is paid off.

I also need a tall, roomy trailer for my big-bodied mare.  I had a few custom changes made when I ordered my 2-horse slant Titan.  It is extra tall and they moved the tack room wall forward to give Misty more room in the front stall.  I lost some tack room space, but it was more important that Misty have room to travel comfortably.

Ideally, I would have living quarters, but I've made a comfy nest in the bunk of my gooseneck trailer.  It is not insulated and can get pretty cold at night.  So this year when I took the trailer to the shop for spring maintenance I had an electrical outlet installed.  Now I can plug into an RV hookup and run  a ceramic heater and a few conveniences like a lamp, DVD player, or electronic tablet.  Just enough to take the chill out and relax watching a movie or reading an E-Book.

2. Do you use shipping boots, a padded halter, a head bumper or other protective equipment for your horse when trailering?
I have shipping boots and I've used them before, but I don't use them routinely. If it is really hot and I want to travel with the window screen down, I'll put a fly mask on Misty so debris and bugs won't blow into her eyes.  I don't use anything else, but I do secure her in the trailer with a Tie Safe Trailer Tie.  I keep her rope halter on, but have often wondered if a nylon or leather halter would be safer for trailer travel. What do you think?  She travels well and is calm loading and unloading, so I haven't felt the need to add much to our routine, although I've thought about putting a head bumper on her, just in case.

3. What item(s) do you always carry in your trailer, or recommend that other's carry?
  1. Tack & Grooming Supplies
  2. Saddle Bags & Rain Slicker
  3. Riding Helmet & Riding Gloves
  4. Whip/Carrot Stick with Flag attached (for sacking out & ground work)
  5. Extra Halter & Lead Rope, Lunge Line & Lunging Whip
  6. Roadside Assistance Information (I use U.S. Rider)
  7. Orange Traffic/Safety Cones
  8. Equine First Aid Kit (People First Aid Kit is in the truck)
  9. Equine Cookies
  10. Extra Hay (I use the ones with the smallest mesh holes for "in-flight" meal service)
  11. Fly Mask
  12. Fleece Cooler in wintertime / Waterproof, Breathable Sheet for summer camping
  13. Water & Bucket
  14. Manure Fork (be courteous and don't leave manure in the parking area)
  15. Extra Clothing, especially sweatshirt or jacket
  16. Mounting Step/Block
  17. Wash Cloths, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Anti-bacterial Wipes
  18. Camping Lantern, Flashlight, Extra Batteries
  19. Camping Chair
  20.  Portable Potty (comes in handy if you don't have living quarters)

My question for you:

What are your summer/vacation plans?  Misty and I are going to a mountain dude ranch.


  1. That is the comfy-est bed in a gooseneck that I've ever seen! we just have a mattress thrown up there.

  2. I love your trailer - your nest is so cozy!
    Oh, and you cracked me up with the 'paid off' comment!
    Your list of what to take is wonderful. I usually do have an extra jacket, but I'm not sure I listed it. Extra clothes sure make sense when you are doing anything around a horse! The traffic cones are also really smart. I'll have to add some things to my list!

    Our travel trailer, which we parked three years ago, and haven't used since we moved here, has just been pulled out of storage and taken to Arrowhead for service. We have made reservations to stay in McCall, ID, where my brother is camping this summer while he builds a summer house. Then we are thinking of heading west and setting Seattle and Portland, and then maybe going down the coast to Sacramento and San Francisco. We figure since we don't have the horses, we might as well take advantage of it!

  3. Dreaming, that sounds awesome!
    And Once, a mountain dude ranch? Fun!

    I don't really have any plans this summer. Keep taking Shy to the shows, that's about it. This pesky little thing called works keeps getting into the way of any grand plans I want to make!

  4. Very comfy trailer!

    Along with a million other things, I keep a spare halter in the trailer. Paj likes to remove his on the road. Usually he's standing on it when we get to where we're going.

    Missed you at the open house today.

  5. I'm forever learning about all the needs horses have and what being an owner means. Glad you have an electrical outlet now for some in-trailer comforts.

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