Sunday, April 19, 2009

Black & White and White All Over

OK, I said I wasn't going to take any more pictures of snow this weekend, but how about dogs and snow?

I couldn't resist capturing our dogs running and leaping in this annoying white stuff that is so abundant.

This is Sadie (Dalmatian mix) and Bella (Field Spaniel mix). Both are rescue dogs.

Sadie has been with me for 10 years now and enjoyed being an "only dog" for many years. She is shy and timid and sticks to me like glue. She was a little bent out of shape when Bella joined our family, but as you can see, she enjoys having a playmate now.

Bella came to us a year ago from a no kill shelter in Arkansas via a Colorado rescue group. She was happy and wiggly, but tired easily and had labored breathing when she laid down to rest. We soon discovered she had a large burden of Heartworms living in her heart and pulmonary artery. She's cured now and has boundless energy. Somebody in her past docked her tail completely off, so when she is happy (which is all the time), her whole body wiggles. Her nickname is Wiggle Butt.

We love them both.

They are really dumb around the horses though. So we don't allow much interaction between canine and equine here.

We had a little adventure in the snow regarding another dog last night. I took pictures with my cell phone.

Our neighbors had to leave town for a funeral and asked that we take care of their dog Sam.

Sam is a Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He's a big boy, but a sensitive soul who suffers with separation anxiety when left home alone all night. He can't come to our house because he and Sadie have not been introduced and they'd get into a fight. So I am sleeping at Sam's house to keep him company while his parents are away.

Sam's parents plowed their driveway before they left home Saturday morning. By evening it was impassable. We had to park on the road and hike up to their house in knee deep snow. Fortunately they left us the keys to their tractor.

We wouldn't have gotten there at all if it weren't for a good Samaritan with a 4x4 pickup truck and snow blade who carved a rough lane down our own street so we could get out.

My husband and stepson were running the tractor when it got stuck. They dug it out but couldn't get it started again. Last night the owner called and told my husband how to put it in neutral to get it started again. So my husband finished plowing the neighbor's driveway this morning so I could get my car up to their house.

Poor Sam. This morning he wouldn't eat his breakfast and he looked at me as if he were thinking, "Who are you and what have you done with my mom and dad?"

After spending time with Sam I understand the doormat his parents have in their garage that says:

"A fragile and very sensitive big ass dog lives here."

This morning, Sunday morning, my husband and I ran out for a bit. We returned to find that the county road crew had properly plowed our street...

...and did this to all the driveway entrances.

Again, my husband and stepson came to the rescue.

We may see sunshine and 70F this week. My fingers are crossed, hoping this is the last of the Spring snow.

P.S. Misty will not be musing tomorrow. She has to concentrate on her school work.


  1. The dogs are adorable but the snow has got to go. Enough already. Hope you get those higher temps to melt it soon.

  2. Your husband and stepson came to the rescue, but it looks like they are out there in their Sunday best. I hope they were wearing boots and didn't ruin their dress shoes. I'm actually welcoming your pictures of snow, because I just came indoors after an hour with the horses, and am dripping with sweat. It feels like the middle of summer here.

  3. RMY, rain would be nice.

    Grey Horse, its sunny today and melting fast. Still difficult to get into the driveway though.

    NuzMuz, the shoes survived, but my husband was pretty tired and sore from shoveling out cars and tractors. I'll be glad when I can say it feels like summer here. I'm still waiting for it to feel like spring.

  4. I don't envy you your snow at all. I hate the stuff because it restricts so much of what I can do with my horse - also a pain driving to work! Here in Northern Scotland I hope we've seen the last of it till next winter but you never know!!

  5. jc, I feel the same way. I'm done with snow until next winter. It has over stayed its welcome.

  6. I am so NOT envious on your snow. I just keep crossingmy fingers that we have had the last here... Poor Sam, he really looked unhappy.

  7. Glad that our snow is gone too! We have had some really nice days here this week. Don't dogs love to play in the snow!

  8. The pictures of Bella and Sadie are so cute! All the pictures you take on the blog are fanastic!