Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not So Wild Life

There are some cute critters at the ranch where Misty and Marley are going for training.

I adore donkeys. I tried to get some shots of these two minis, but they kept mugging me. I'd step away to get them both in the picture and before I could snap, they'd be right on me, grabbing at my coat.

I had to settle for their shadows.

I wanted to put them in my pockets and take them home.

Then I found these two fur balls waiting at my car.

I think they were practicing to be wheel chocks.

I would have brought this one home too, but my pockets were full of donkeys.


  1. Oh how cute they all are. I'd like to put them in my pockets and take them home too.

  2. I bet mini donkeys are adorable! I hope those rabbits cleared out of your way before you drove off! ;) My sister's cats like to sit under the tires, too. Isn't that funny, it must make them feel secure and sheltered.

  3. Oh, they are super cute! I have never seen mini donkeys.
    And you are funny, OnceUpon :-)

  4. Grey, Pony, Horse, the are adorable little donkeys. They run loose during the day and greet everyone like dogs. I want donkeys some day.

    Pony Girl, oh yes, I made sure they were out before I drove away. In fact, I got some odd looks from a couple people who didn't know why I was talking to my car and tapping on it.

  5. The bunnies under each wheel is priceless!! They really do look like wheel chocks!

    Last summer I was driving by a barn that had donkey foal(dont know what they would be called) anyways, he was galloping circles around the field and his momma and OMG it was just too cute and funny for words! His little feet were going a million miles an hour! I'd love to have a donkey one day, too...

  6. Thanks for dropping by Horse Crazed. I'm hoping to have a couple donkeys some day too. I'd like to adopt a couple of older jennies.