Saturday, April 11, 2009

From the Side of the Road

Saturdays go by so quickly; much faster than work days. Why is that?

All I've done is make one feed run, attend a NH training demo, and drive into town for some cosmetics...and the day is done. Alas, no time for housework.

It goes without saying...I also fed horses and scooped poop.

After the morning barn chores, my husband and I took a drive along a new route to pick up some horse feed. We snapped a few pictures along the way.

Breakfast in bed:

Rock garden serpent (everybody needs one):

Cool Cattle:

Four black horses running in a row:

It was an interesting drive.

Drop by on Monday. Misty will be reporting on the recent training session she and Marley attended.

Happy Easter!


  1. I loved the photos, especially the ones of the 4 black horses running in a row! I went on a drive today too, and took some pictures. It is so much fun. Have a happy Easter!

  2. Lovely photos, in particular the one with the four black horses.
    And a garden serpent??
    Well I guess not all can have horses...I bet it is popular with passing children though!

  3. Thanks Pony Girl and HorseOfCourse. There were actually 5 black horses, but between hitting the brakes and whipping out the camera quickly, I missed one. I wonder if they might have been Friesens; too far away to tell. We passed some beautiful homes and some that looked like they'd been pieced together with spare parts and baling twine.