Monday, April 13, 2009

Misty's Monday Muse

Misty & Marley Go to School

Last Friday, Marley and I went for training with Kathleen Sullivan and Erin McLaughlin. We worked on the ground naked and dressed in saddles. It was nice to work with Marley in the same arena. Kathleen taught Marley while Erin taught me. By the end of our lesson we both showed improvement.

Erin is asking me to back up.

Kathleen working Marley in a circle with the flag.

We were both very good about being saddled.

Erin asked me to soften and bend while keeping my feet in place. I was resistant at first because I didn't understand. Erin was very patient with me; she didn't force me, but gave me time to think.

I started to figure it out.

I became softer.

By jove, I think I've got it!

Marley was quite interesting.

He's rather stiff, but he can sure bend that thick neck of his while resisting the pressure of the rope. We know he can even run full speed ahead with his nose bent to his shoulder.

Here he is bent like a bobby pin, but resisting long enough to get bored. So he decided to nibble on his girth for entertainment. Silly boy.

But he did better than on our evaluation day. There was actually some communication going to his feet this time and he moved around more fluidly.

He has a really tough time with his right side though. Kathleen asked if on the occasions that Marley ran off with riders, did he veer to the right? My Lady said she had not witnessed his run-offs under saddle, but as she thought about it, she recalled the several times she experienced Marley trying to run-off on the longe line, he always tried to run away to his right. He's very strong on that side.

Kathleen is asking Marley to bend and move his feet.
See how braced he is?

He's a stubborn pony, but Kathleen was patient.

He finally got a clue.

And found the answer to the question.

Next time they might ride us both. We've been ridden before, but I'm green and Marley is ornery. It should be interesting.

To be continued...


  1. Hi there Misty!
    I really enjoyed your story, and the pictures.
    It looks like you were a good girl!
    I think it is good for Marley to get something to chew on. Maybe not the girth, though.
    Fun for you guys to be ridden next time, I hope you will post about it.

  2. Thanks Horse. We're hoping for good things to come.

  3. Great work session it looks like. All that bending is just money in the bank. What a lovely arena - great light.

  4. I'm sure both kids will get the idea in no time at all. Have fun with them, they are both so cute.

  5. Lilly, money in the bank is right..better there than the E.R. It is a nice facility.

    Grey Horse, ah thanks, I think they are cute too. They are learning. Me too.

  6. Oh my that Fjord is just adorable!!!! I just put up a post on my blog saying that I am going to do a post on Fjords and Haflingers this weekend.

    Great pics! and btw, I love the saddles!

  7. Horse Crazed, oh good! I will be sure to stop by and read your post on the ponies.