Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bye Bye Birdies

Today's Saturday Centus is saying goodbye.

The prompt: Saying goodbye was harder than she thought
Number of words: 100 plus the prompt for a maximum of 107 words

They come every spring,
to our barn with delight.
They labor and toil,
with all of their might.
They feather their nest,
to cradle their clutch.
Adding horse tail hairs,
for a decorative touch.
They soar and they swoop,
they zig and they zag.
They chase after bugs,
in a fast game of tag.
They raise their babies,
from summer to fall.
Til' the chill in the air,
doth send out the call.
It's time to fly south,
in search of warm weather.
They leave little behind,
but a lingering feather.
Farewell dear swallows,
you'll be missed a lot.
For saying goodbye,
was harder than she thought.

We enjoy hosting swallows in our barn, although we do hope to limit occupancy to one family at a time.  They first found us in 2010 and caused a lot of drama.  Read about it here.  They joined us again in 2011 (with less drama) and we are looking forward to their return this year.

Jenny Matlock


  1. I am a fan of barn swallows we call them old neighbor wasn't...yeah they leave a bit of a mess, because they make their (Houses) more than one usually 3 in my covered walkway to our front door...right smack in front of the garages too. Imagine that...our pole barn is free of them too. You see they like right up front (one we don't bother them) and they have to see when I mow. Yes they love to chase and circle around me as I mow on the ride tractor! Seriously! But to me, they are a joy and to hear them and see them is always a joy! Great post!

  2. How nice the birds are in a prompt response!

  3. What a fun, creative rhyme! I love your Centus. Mine's still percolating through my brain!

  4. Ohh how I love birds, and this story. I would give anything to write poems, they always escape me. I enjoyed your take on this week's prompt very much.

  5. Liked your poem very much. I've never been good at them, reading or writing. Wonderful. Hope your birds return to have a lovely spring and summer.

  6. Perfect! I love it!

  7. I was so excited when we finally got some swallows moving in a few years ago! They're so fun to watch, very acrobatic. And they EAT BUGS!
    Ours seemed to leave a bit early last year--I hope it wasn't the resident barn owl (who did help rid us of our starlings, so he can stay). The owl is inside, the swallows out, so I hope they can coexist.

  8. We had swallows for the first time last year. I imagine they'll be back.
    Nice poem!

  9. EvenSong, how great that you have a barn owl. I thought about attracting owls to reduce the gopher population, but decided against it because my next door neighbor has little tiny dogs. But we do have two varieties of swallows. The barn swallows inside and just last year some tree swallows showed up and nested in one of our blue bird boxes.

  10. I wish I could write good poetry like this!~Ames

  11. That was terrific! Love the photo but wish I could have enlarged it to see the detail. The horse hair was an interesting "adornment".

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  12. Good writing. Last year I was following some swallows via a BBC podcast on nature. They tagged some and tracked them as they left England and went to Africa for the winter.

  13. Wow, awesome poem!! I really enjoyed it.

    In response to your comment on Chrome's blog. The green grass in the video is actually winter wheat. They only get to snack on it occasionally because it's rich and they don't have grass in their pasture right now so they aren't used to it. So they got a double snack!

    1. No wonder Chrome was gobbling up the geen groceries with such gusto.Must be very tasty.

    2. No wonder Chrome was gobbling up the geen groceries with such gusto.Must be very tasty.

  14. what fun to see baby birds grow up.

  15. Such a sweet poem - I loved the bit about horse hairs for decoration - I bet it makes the nests warm, too.

  16. What a lovely piece! It has a great visual presence, and wonderful timing.

  17. Great verse and lovely nature story. I'm impressed! I always read poetry posts outloud to see how they sound. Sounds fine. I could almost sing it!

    Thank you for visitng my SC-post. Love your comment. It was such a poetic little story in itself, with Pierre in his grass-stained tux!

    Best wishes,
    For the benefit of other readers:
    Goodbye Pierre - SCwk 96

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  18. What a beautiful poem!

    You should send this into a magazine. I can see the illustration in my mind right now!

    Just lovely, evocative writing in this little gem!

    You re really impressive!