Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop Week 3

Last week was very busy and I'm late to the hop again.  Work was stressful and kept me very busy (as usual).  Then I spent Friday and Saturday at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.  Had a great time. Heard Temple Grandin speak.  Watched some good horse training demos.  Ate too much.  Bought the cutest denim jacket embellished with a little western bling.  Great weekend.  I'm tired.   But I'm hoppin' onto the hop. Click the hobby horse to view week 3 rules.

  1. You are the lucky winner of the "Extreme Barn Makeover"! Lucky you! What things are top on your list to be remade, changed or upgraded? (Sorry, this makeover does not entirely replace barns and/or add indoor arenas!)

    I would love to add a finished, climate-controlled rider's lounge to my barn.  It would have a sink, microwave, refrigerator, television, and comfortable furniture.  I'd practically live in the barn.

  2. Why do you treasure a particular piece of tack or equipment?
    Source: Amazon
    I keep a Weighmax digital postal shipping scale in my barn and use it every day to take the guesswork out of feeding time.  The weight and density of hay bales varies so much, that I cannot accurately judge the weight of a flake of hay just by holding it.  So I weigh my hay at every feeding. (Easy with just 2 horses to feed.)

    I put a bucket on the scale, turn the scale on to zero out the weight of the bucket, then place the flakes on the bucket.  This particular scale holds up to 150 pounds so I can weigh an entire bale if I'm curious about the weight of bales coming from a particular grower.

  3. What is the best day of the week for you?

    Saturday for sure!  I love sleeping-in until 6:00am and not having to rush through morning barn chores.  Any other day that I can take as a vacation day from work to play with the horses is a good day too.  As the saying goes, "A bad day fishing is better than a good day at the office."  Applies to equine related recreation too.


  1. I am so glad you joined the hop. You're not late! It runs all week!!!!
    I love your scale! I think you know that I am an advocate for weighing hay and I also weigh just about every day. Mmmm....I'll come hang out in your lounge - will you have a bathroom?! A shower?

  2. A postal scale in the barn - who knew?! You could use it to ship manure to people that have upset you!

  3. Tee hee Jacqueline! You better stay on my good side. :-)

  4. Mom, RCC and I spent all day Friday at the Horse Expo. Watched both of Julie Goodnight's presentations. Even though I've worked on her Colorado Crew for the past two years, I always learn so much from listening to her speak and she's much funnier in person than you get in the videos.

    I was so disappointed in the vendors at the Expo this year; typically we go to the Expo to stock up on dewormer and vet supplies. Didn't see a single vet supplier there this year - unless they all came on Saturday and Sunday.

  5. I'd love to hang out in your barn lounge! That's really something that you weigh out your feed, too. Wow!