Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop Week 4

  1. Have you ever been a victim of the weather when you were riding, or participating in some other sport?
    I'm mostly a fair weather rider so my mind took another direction as I recalled getting caught out in good weather with my Thoroughbred gelding, Woodhollow (barn name: Woody) when I was in my early 20s.

    I usually rode in an arena and took riding lessons from a German trainer who owned the stable where Woody was boarded.   I was new to riding English and was beginning to show in English pleasure and amateur hunter classes. We didn't do any trail riding at the stable, even though we had access to miles and miles of trails near Folsom Lake in California.
    One summer day, after finishing a lesson, I decided to take Woody out for a short walk on the trail to cool him off.  It was a beautiful northern California day. The trail delighted me with new sights around every turn.  I was having a lovely ride and became very intrigued about what I'd see around the next bend, or over the next hill.  I lost track of time and just kept going and going.   My short cool down walk turned into a trail ride of several hours.  I finally forced myself to turn Woody around so we could get home before the sun set.  I met my trainer on the trail.  I was gone so long that he became worried and saddled up a horse and came looking for me.  (Ya know...long before the days of cell phones when I could have called him and told him I was fine.)

    Woody was a special horse to me and parting with him was very hard.  I get sad thinking about it, so I don't talk about him much.  I can't find my photo album that has most of our good pictures, but here are a few photos I found loose in an old shoe box.

  2.  If you could take a lesson with anyone in the world, who would that be? The very trainers and riding instructors that I'm working with now.  I'm very happy with the help I'm getting from a few local professionals that have really clicked for me and Misty.
  3. Which season is your favorite?
    A few years ago I would have immediately answered "Fall!"  But owning horses in Colorado has changed my idea of seasons.  They come and go quickly here.  Sometimes we experience all four seasons in a single day.  It's crazy!  So now I'm inclined to say that my favorite "season" is any warm, sunny, wind-free "day" that I can be "caught out in good weather" on a beautiful trail ride.  Know what I mean?
My question for you:  Who is your favorite equine actor of television or movie fame?
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    1. I hope my response doesn't get posted twice. I entered a comment... and it went away!

      My first favorite equine star was Mr. Ed. I used to watch the show all of the time and loved his witty antics.
      Now I am in awe of Finder, who was one of the horses that played Joey in War Horse. He was also in Sea Biscuit.

    2. Oh, that's an easy question...The Black Stallion (or whichever horses played him).

      I've love riding trails to new places and it's amazing how easy it is to lose track of time when exploring.

    3. Mr. Ed, and Scout, Tonto's horse. All of the Gunsmoke horses, especially the pinto and the big buckskin. Pretty much any horse I saw.

    4. My childhood favorites were Trigger of course and Silver the Lone Rangers horse and Scout with Tonto. I also liked the paint little Joe rode in Bonanza. But Trigger and Silver were my favorites. Wonder if that's why I have a palomino, used to have a gorgeous grey and have always had paints? Guess TV was a big influence from way back then. Hmm...

    5. Great story about Woody and he was gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing with us.

      To answer your question when I was a kid it was Doc's Keeping Time (the horse who played Black Beauty and the Black Stallion in the T.V. series) and I still think he's the reason I love black horses. :)

      My other favorite it the Friesian who played Goliath in LadyHawke (totally drawing a blank on his real name lol). When I learned that there was a movie with a Friesian in it I went crazy trying to find it (the Friesian Fever had already set in lol) and ordered it that day. I still own that movie and watch it all the time. Love it and LOVE that horse!

      Great question!!