Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aloha Springtime

Shorty: "What happened to Spring?"

Sam: "We're in Colorado. This is Spring!"

Shorty: "Could someone please throw me a rope."

Thursday morning started out with blue skies over the prairie and ominous storm clouds tumbling over the mountains, promising to engulf the towns below. By Noon the temperature had dropped into the low teens, the winds were howling, and the snow was flying...horizontally!

A typical spring blizzard in Colorado.

By evening, Misty and Marley were bedded down in their stalls with fresh shavings and straw. Stall doors were shut tight. Dinner was served and I bid them goodnight.

Early Friday morning we awoke to abiding winds and frigid cold, but the snow was lighter.

By mid morning it ceased snowing and the gray sky took on a brighter cast. Misty and Marley were ready for those stall doors to open.

Ummm...frosted Pony Pop.

C'mon Misty...let's go!

Maybe there's grass under this stuff.
A horse can hope.

My wips ah fwozen.

Silly mare.
You eat snow while I enjoy this delicious Pony Popsicle.

Welcome home from Hawaii, Mr. OnceUpon.

You missed the blizzard, but we saved you some snow.


  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting. I'm glad we don't have your snow here at the moment although it could be a few degrees warmer! Major has a Norweigian friend. I'll try and get a photo of him on the blog.

  2. jc, that would be fun to see Major's Norwegian friend. I'll keep an eye out for the picture.

  3. LOL OnceUpon, this was really a fun post, and lovely pictures too!
    I just love your blog :-)

  4. Thanks HorseOfCourse. Misty & Marley enjoyed playing in the snow.

  5. Great pictures, you tell a great story, too! I want to get one of those treat toys for my boy. Not a frosted popsicle one, though! ;)

  6. Thanks Pony Girl. They really like those Pony Pops. They have a lot of sugar, but fortunately the horses can't devour it when I hang it from the Jolly Snack holder. Frosted isn't my preference either...but we got more snow today. ugh.