Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Love Thoroughbreds

I'm not a fan of horse racing due to its physical toll on young horses; and because so many ex racers go to slaughter when their short careers don't bring fame and fortune to their owners.

But I do love Thoroughbreds and enjoyed 10 years with a special one named Woodhollow. He was the last horse I owned prior to my long exile in the land of no horses. I will post about him when I can stop blubbering long enough to get my thoughts and memories written down. Old memories can be tender when finally allowed to bubble to the surface.

I would love to adopt an OTTB someday. (OTTB = Off the Track Thoroughbred, for my non-horsey friends)

In the meantime, enjoy this pretty song.


  1. I am also fond of TB, we have 1.5 in the family as my husband is a racing enthusiast. But our race horses are leading a "normal" horse life.
    And what a beautiful name, Woodhollow. I'll try to remember that.
    Lovely song, too.

  2. HofC, do your TBs race or are they retired? Do you ride them?