Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unbecoming of a Lady

There is a useless, narrow ditch running across our dry lot. The horses usually walk around it, but when they run and frolic they race across it. I worry they might trip or sprain a fetlock. So I've been filling the ditch with manure; it'll turn to dirt eventually.

Recently we found Misty napping in the ditch-o-manure...

Ok, so she's no Sleeping Beauty.
Be brave, click to get a little closer...

Then she awoke from her slumber...

...and decided to roll in the poo!

Oh Misty, this is not ladylike behavior.


  1. Nice. I'll bet you loved that. You probably just groomed her beforehand too. I'll bet it was a cool day and she felt all warm and cozy in that manure.

  2. I believe that is one happy girl! I think she is actually smiling in the close up picture! What a cutie!

  3. Marvellous, and what pictures!
    You know, I kind of had an extra sweet spot for Marley, just because he is a Fjord - but I think your Misty with muses and all is sailing up as a tough competitor, hehe.

  4. NuzMuz, ha! I sure didn't groom her after her roll in the poo! Eww. We've found her snoozing in the poo ditch several times since this picture. Comfy!

    Cowgirl, thanks, I think she's a cutie too. One of the young girls at the stable we used to board at said (and we know how kids speak their mind), "Misty isn't a beautiful horse. But she sure is cute."

    RMYankee, oh yes! Love them lots, manure and all.

    HorseOfC, ahhh. Yes, Misty is a sweet mare. Maybe Marley should do a guest Muse once in awhile. He'll probably only talk about food though.