Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Equestrian Neighbors

Having lived in the suburbs most of my life, I really enjoy living in an equestrian neighborhood now.

Last Sunday some neighbors came strolling down our street.

They stopped by our house for a visit.

This is Andy and his people.

Isn't his little rider adorable in her pink helmet?

Andy is an only-horse; he has no stablemate at his house.
Sometimes Andy gets lonely and sneaks out of his pasture.

Andy has come to visit us twice before without his people.
He likes to visit Misty and Marley.

Howdy Neighbor!


  1. Ohhhh what great photos!! That "Howdy Neighbor" one is like a calendar picture. And the little girl's pink helmet - so cute and I want.

  2. Thanks Flying Lilly. If on a calendar, maybe that pic could be February, for Valentines Day.

  3. I would love to live in an Equestrian neighborhood!!
    It sounds like, from reading your blog description, that we have a lot in common. I just got back into horses two years ago, after a 16 year break! :)

  4. Hi Pony Girl. Your boy is very pretty. I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog. I'm surprised there are so many of us returning horse lovers out there. It's great!